The foundation for the Church of God Scotland Youth Department is to mobilise and equip the younger generation for service in the Kingdom of God. God, through His Holy Spirit, is preparing Scotland for a harvest, a mighty Kingdom harvest, a harvest that only He can send.


We believe that God has called and inspired ministry outside the walls of the traditional church. As Chaplains who minister in the areas of Critical Incident, Loss, Trauma and Disaster, we believe that training, certification and professionalism is essential in both the religious and secular areas of our ministry

The Education Department has been established to implement a vision of training and developing church leaders and pastors in Church of God congregations throughout Scotland. Our leadership training programme offers professional development for licensed ministers and opportunities for higher education and training through our Theological Seminaries in USA, England, and Germany.


Our desire is to enable women to know Christ; to know who they are in Christ; to grow as leaders and mentors who disciple others; to act by giving their talents, money and time; to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world; to realize they are valued in God’s kingdom; to form small groups, uniting and sharing with women of like passions and interests; to strengthen their families; to be God’s hands in the world.