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Marriage Act 1977

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Conduct of Good Practice

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Please fill in this form to be granted temporary permission to solemnise a religious marriage service on behalf of the Church of God Scotland. If you have a need, question, or prayer request, please message us.

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  • Letters of Support

    Please note that if the applicant is related to any of those Office Bearers listed below a third Letter of Support will be require from another Office Bearer who is not a relative. This can be a District Overseer, or someone authorised by Marriage Scotland to sign off paperwork on behalf of the Church of God Scotland. The guidance for those providing a Letter of Support is given in the Conduct of Marriage Services in Scotland, point 9, and Page 2. If you cannot provide the necessary Letters of Support, please do not proceed to the Celebrant Declaration Form.
  • Important

    Once you have received an email from the National Overseer or District Overseer giving you the Authorisation to fill out the Celebrant Declaration Form, please fill in all the necessary details and signatures. Then send the form to the National Overseer to sign before he submits it to Marriage Scotland. If you have Letters of Support, please send them along with the Celebrant Declaration Form to 21H Marine Parade Walk, Dundee, DD1 3AU.
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